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Recruiting Update 4/11

Hello All!

This is just a quick reminder that the Regional Championship will be a great place to be seen by local college coaches.  If you are interested in any schools in this general area (Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, the Carolinas, or Florida), reach out to them soon and let them know you're interested in their school and you'll be playing next weekend!

As always, remember to include:

1) Your name
2) Your graduation year.
3) Your position and height (if you're a setter or attacker)
4) Your full club team name (whatever they will need in order to find your team on AES).
5) A link to video!!!
6) Freshmen and sophomores, include contact information for your coaches and/or me so the college coaches have someone they can legally contact.

If you don't have any video yet, (a) jump on that! and (b) that's OK, send out the information anyway and let them know of your interest. Tell them you'll send some video later, then do that.

Freshmen and sophomores, for those of you who haven't really started your process yet, now is the time! As this recruiting season winds down toward the end of the year, coaches start to take a look at younger classes to see who may be coming up.  Get your name on their list early so they know who you are as they start to narrow down what they're looking for!

As always, if you all need anything, please feel free to reach out.


Coach Kim