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Recruiting Rules

Hi Cobb Atlantans! 

One of the more complicated parts of the recruiting process is all of the rules. Who can contact me? Who can’t contact me? Who can I contact and when? 

It can get be a little overwhelming at first, but there are really only a few big things you need to worry about from the student-athlete’s perspective: 

1) The main thing to know is this: The recruiting rules restrict what college coaches can do, NOT what players or club coaches can do.  As a player, you can contact a coach almost any time (just don’t walk up to them at a tournament, because they have to uncomfortably turn you away).  But feel free to email or call coaches all you want.  

2) There are two times you can almost always legally have a conversation with college coaches no matter what age you are: (1) If you call a coach and they answer they are ALWAYS allowed to talk, and (2) if you are on their campus they are almost always allowed to talk. If you’re a freshman or sophomore and you really want to impress a coach, call their office during the work day. As long as they pick up, you can ask them all the questions you want. You can also email them and try to set up an unofficial visit to their campus (a visit that you pay for), where you can meet the coaches face-to-face and get to know each other as people. The only time you can't have that meeting on their campus is during what the NCAA calls a "dead period," but coaches won't set up visits during dead periods, so make sure they know you're coming -- don't just pop onto their campus and hope to chat :). 

3) Even if a coach can’t legally contact you, they CAN legally contact your coach or me. If you are a freshman or sophomore, include your coach’s contact info and/or my contact info on any communication you send out. If the college coach wants to respond, they’ll reach out to us and we can pass it on to you. 

4) At NAIA schools, there are almost no rules. It’s worth it to learn which schools in Georgia are NAIA schools: Brenau, Brewton-Parker, Coastal Georgia, Dalton State, Emmanuel, Life, Middle Georgia, Point, Reinhardt, and Truett-McConnell.  It’s worth learning because you can contact those coaches and they can contact you at literally any time (as freshmen, at tournaments, whenever). You can also visit those schools and practice with the team while you're still in high school, unlike at NCAA schools. (A list of the other schools in Georgia and their divisions is here.)  

5) Print and keep this rules matrix handy This matrix gives you an idea of the rules at all levels, so you know who can contact you, in what ways, and when.  Remember that any time a college coach cannot contact you, they CAN contact your CAJ coaches or me, and YOU CAN contact them. So reach out to them any time, and just include your club coaches' and/or my contact info. 

Again, I know it’s a lot of info, so let me know if you have questions or concerns! 

Thanks, all! And Go CAJ!