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Finding a College Home

Hi Cobb Atlantans!

I hope you all enjoyed your winter break and are ready to hit the ground running again. This week's message is going to be short, because I want to make sure it gets driven home: Players find a volleyball home when they do their research and reach out to schools. That's it.

VBR has thousands of athletes on the site, so they've been able to collect a ton of data on who ultimately commits to a school and who doesn't.  They've found that the biggest correlates with finding a home are: # of schools a player has "favorited," and # of schools a player has contacted.  That's it.  Not vertical jump, 40-yard dash, position, or club name.  If you want to find a school, you've got to do your research, and you've got to put your name out there.

If you've been waiting to do either of those things, get started!!  If you need help, you know where to find me!